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“I got better with money once I started CARING about money.”

GOOD MORNING, friends! I’m a happy boy out here in Oregon. While our quarantine isn’t officially over, the state did loosen a lot of things on Friday. People are taking their first tentative steps out and about.

For my part, that means I’m ready to return to my rented office space instead of working from home. It’s been great to have so much time with the family, but I’m ready to get some work done in a dedicated space you know?

To kick things off, let’s look at some great recent stories about money, shall we?

“I got better with money once I started caring about money.” [Freddy Smidlap] — “Nobody twisted my arm and made me get better. The will to do better had to come from within. Had I continued down the crappy money path the world would not have shed a tear. I basically would have been like so many other ‘normal’ Americans spending every dime I made and it would not have been remarkable. You gotta do it for yourself for your own reasons.” [This is a sequel to an earlier article: “I used to be terrible with money!”]

Some thoughts on making do with what you have. [The Three-Year Experiment] — “I will make it do with the things I don’t care about (here’s looking at you, old sneakers that I didn’t replace for years until my mom gifted me a new pair). And I will spend glorious, carefully managed dollars on the things I care about (I’m eyeing you, beautiful cream rug for the music room)…I’m also a grown-ass woman, and I’m buying that new rug.”

Ticker Time Machine — This is a simple web-based tool that does one thing — and one thing only. It allows you to see what the investments you didn’t make in the past would be worth today. While I’ll use this in the future for writing real articles about money, it’s also useful to wallow in regret…or joy!

Billionaire divorce uncovers secretive world of trusts in South Dakota. [CNBC] — “More than just another billionaire divorce spat, the Bosarge case offers a rare window into the highly secretive world of asset trusts in South Dakota, a state whose protective trust laws have made it a haven for billionaires and wealthy families around the world. South Dakota is fast becoming a mini-Switzerland for the world’s rich.”

And, as always, here’s a little something that has nothing to do with money to finish our day.

Every night before bed, my girlfriend and I sit side by side while browsing Reddit. We share our favorite posts with each other. Last week, Kim leaned over and said, “You have to see this.” It’s a vocal quartet called Flyte performing an a capella performance of the song “Archie, Marry Me”. It’s beautiful.

I was unaware of this song before hearing this version. Because I’m always curious about this sort of thing, I looked up the original. It’s good too. It’s by a Canadian group called Alvvays (pronounced “always”). Not quite as beautiful, but fun nonetheless.

Okay, that’s it. I’ll be back tomorrow with lots more good stuff!