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A Few Thoughts on Spending Money

A Few Thoughts on Spending Money [Morgan Housel on Collab Fund] – “There are two ways to use money. One is as a tool to live a better life. The other is as a yardstick of status to measure yourself against others. Many people aspire for the former but get caught up chasing the latter.”

This next piece may be titled “investment” but it’s not just where you put your money. It’s also about where you put your time. It’s a good way to think about it (it’s long but well worth it):

Deciding whether an investment is worthwhile [Jason Cohen on A Smart Bear] – “Of course you’ll never know if you made the best choice, even with hindsight. So the goal isn’t to make the “best choice,” but rather to make an excellent choice. To invest wisely, with the information you have.”

Know someone who is about to retire? Or has recently retired? Check out this viral TEDx talk by Riley Moynes (many thanks to Fritz from The Retirement Manifesto for writing about it!):