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Zen and the art of managing money.

Today is Tuesday, my friends, and this is yet another installment of your favorite digest of financial news. I’m back from my month-long arctic vacation (in theory, anyhow) and adjusting to a regular daily routine. This is the last pre-written installment I have for you. I’ll have “live” news for you on Thursday.

Zen and the art of managing money. [Money and Meaning] — “We spend the first half of our lives seeking self-efficacy and agency…But when I look back at my life, the most important things that happened to me were events I had no control over…When my life is over, I’ll look back and see that the things life had planned for me were more important than the plans I had for myself. If you take a look back, I suspect you’ll see the same thing.” [True story! The beater red truck pictured in this article? I bought it from Douglas and used it for several years before selling it to my nephew last fall.]

The tension between art and money. [More to That] — “So if art is an avenue to know yourself, what happens when its artifacts become products that are sold to others? Well, the immediate thing is that the purpose of your art isn’t merely to know yourself, but to also provide value to others. What may have started as a vehicle for self-expression must also prove useful as a commodity. This tension between inner exploration and outer acceptance lies at the root of any artist’s struggle.”

Following my heart instead of money. [One Frugal Girl] — “In college, I remember reading about choice overload and the struggle to make decisions when presented with too many options. Financial independence offers a world of opportunities. So which one do I take?”

Come back tomorrow for great stories shared by our friends at the Plutus Foundation! And I’ll see you again the day after…