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You’re tying your shoes wrong!

Good morning, money nerds, and welcome to Thursday. It’s J.D. again, and I’ve got some great money stories for you today. Let’s start with one from the always-excellent Mike Piper:

Asset location fundamentals: Which investments to own in which account. [Oblivious Investor] — “In most cases, a taxable account is not the best place to hold any investment intended for retirement (other than muni bonds). That is, almost everything is better in a retirement account than in taxable. So if all of a person’s retirement investments can be held in retirement accounts, they usually should be.

Input as collage. [Austin Kleon] — “Your output depends on your input, but a lot of your input is random: you’re interested in lots of different things, and those things, occasionally, will talk to each other in your work…Taking the principle of juxtaposition (1+1=3) and using that to guide your input: what weird, seemingly disparate things can you feed your brain that will come out later in a new mix?”

Mental liquidity. [Morgan Housel at Collaborative Fund] — “So much of what people call ‘conviction’ is actually a willful disregard for facts that might change their minds. It’s dangerous because conviction feels like a good attribute, while its opposite – being wishy-washy – makes you feel and sound like an idiot.” [I like this article, but that’s probably because it agrees with my worldview. I’m a proponent of mental liquidity. The older I get, the less sure I am about anything.]

And let’s wrapt things up today with a mind-blowing video about how we’ve all been tying our shoes wrong for forever:

I’m one of those whose laces constantly come undone. I’ve learned to double-knot them to prevent the Great Unraveling. But according to this video, one simple change to the way I tie them will accomplish the same thing. I tied it this morning! Let’s see if it works…