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Your mental health can affect how you save money.

Hello, my friends! I hope that you’re all doing well as we roll into December. Here are a handful of money stories I’ve found interesting lately. Perhaps you will like them too.

The eight stages of early retirement. [Millennial Revolution] — “When it comes to predicting your post-retirement life, you won’t know what it’s really like until you’re in it….After speaking to a few of my retired friends, I’ve found that despite the different paths we took post-retirement, there was a common pattern. So, for those of you pursuing FI and want a glimpse into your future, here’s an unofficial breakdown of the eight stages of early retirement.”

Why you should care about “sequence of returns” risk. [Budgets Are Sexy] — “Sequence of returns risk? Sounds like something only old, rich, retired people have to worry about…Wrong…Sequence of returns risk is the number-one risk that can cause early retirees to run out of money. So pay attention my young FIRE friends. This stuff is important.”

Your mental health can affect how you save money. [NerdWallet] — “Your mental health, especially during a stressful period such as the current pandemic, can play a role in money decisions…Mental health issues vary, but some can lead to serious financial consequences. Here are three scenarios to watch out for and how to keep your mental health on track these days.”

The broken promise of leisure time. [Behavioral Scientist] — “We have more time for leisure than we did fifty years ago. But leisure has never been less relaxing.”

That’s all, folks! I’ll be back tomorrow with more good stuff. See you then.