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Owning your home won’t make you rich.

Time to dive into Tuesday’s top money stories, money nerds. Are you ready? Today it’s all about homes and autos.

What will smart homes like ten years from now? [Time] — “A decade from now, experts say, we’ll move from turning the lights on and off with our voices to total immersion in the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, the smartest homes will be able to truly learn about their owners or occupants, eventually anticipating their needs.”

Smart homes of the future

Owning your home doesn’t make you rich. Owning someone else’s home does. [L.A. Times] — “In every country Fessler and Schürz studied, homeowners’ wealth hovers near the national average. The biggest gaps are between those who own businesses and rental properties and their customers and tenants. In terms of wealth, that gap is widest in the United States and Austria. In terms of income alone, the United States tops the list.”

Was the automotive era a terrible mistake? [The New Yorker] — “When the people of the future look back at our century of auto life, will they regard it as a useful stage of forward motion or as a wrong turn? Is it possible that, a hundred years from now, the age of gassing up and driving will be seen as just a cul-de-sac in transportation history, a trip we never should have taken?” A l-o-n-g look at the history of driving — and its possible future.

Okay, our final piece today has nothing to do with money (okay, a little to do with money if you count the tip at the end) and is very likely not safe for work — unless you work in a maternity ward.

Here’s a baby being born in the back seat of an Uber (or taxi — I’m not sure which). This driver is crazy calm.

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