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Your 2023 financial to-do list.

Hello, my financial friends! It’s J.D. Roth and I’m here this week to share some of the top money stories from around the internet.

Your 2023 financial to-do list. [Morningstar] — “Helping you look forward and plan for a productive year ahead is the goal of my annual financial to-do calendar and to-do list, which plots out a number of jobs you can undertake to improve your financial life on a month-by-month basis. The myriad tasks associated with maintaining an organized financial life seem daunting in list form, but they’re more manageable when spread throughout the year.”

What keeping a bullet journal taught me about using to-do apps. [The Verge] — “What I’ve since realized, however, is that it’s perfectly possible to keep lots of the things I liked about keeping a bullet journal without sacrificing the convenience of apps. Ultimately, what I liked about the notebook was less about its physicality and more about the fact that it forced me to spend real time actively thinking about and organizing my life on a daily basis. And that’s something that’s just as possible to do with an app as it is with a notebook.”

How to fall back in love with reading (even when your brain feels like mush). [The Cut] — “These all sound like great reasons to develop a practice of reading. But how? The key, as with most everything in life, is to build a habit of reading. What you’re trying to do is practice sustained attention. Like any habit, the trick is in figuring out what works for you.”

Ancient Rivers of Money [Ribbonfarm] — “If you think of markets [as rivers of money], things look very different. Some rivers of money are very old and very stable. You can at most fight to displace others from prime positions along the banks. Others are new and unstable and may change course frequently, creating and destroying fortunes through their vagaries. Others may be maturing, with dams being built to stabilize them. People have always bought food and clothes. They are only now beginning to buy iPads. They are starting to not buy CDs.” This is one of my favorite articles I’ve ever linked to.

To wrap things up today, here’s an hilarious video from TikTok in which a 10-year-old boy calculates how much it’ll cost for him to go on his first “date”. I loathe TikTok, so you know if I’m linking to a TikTok video it’s gotta be good. And it is…

@moonshinecali02 They always want Ice cream after #fyp #dating #thestruggle ♬ original sound – Cali_Moonshine909

And that’s all I have for you today. The Plutus folks will be here with tomorrow’s installment, then I’ll be back on Thursday and Friday to take you into the new year. See you then!