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You will find what you are looking for

Sometimes I feel like gratitude is a secret that, once you learn it, you want everyone to know about it. There’s a lot we can influence in our lives and a lot we cannot. Oftentimes we tend to focus on what we cannot because it’s in front of us when we should focus on what we can because it’s inside our heads. You tend to find what you’re looking for and if you look for gratitude, you may find your outlook changes for the better:

10 things to be rich in other than money [FIRE Your Own Way] – “When it comes to aiming for financial independence, it can be easy to get hyper-focused on money. From tracking every cent you spend to checking your share portfolio every half an hour, it’s so easy to get tunnel vision on your net worth. It can reach a point where you’d be forgiven for thinking that life is all about the money. And yes, money is important. It’s a tool and using it well can unlock financial independence (so it’s actually pretty amazing like that).”

Robinhood’s Big Gamble [The New Yorker] – “In eliminating barriers to investing in the stock market, is the app democratizing finance or encouraging risky behavior?”

11 Restaurant Psychology Tricks That Make You Spend More [Money Mashmallow] – “Behind the scenes, restaurants put careful thought into the way you choose what foods you order – before you have even decided yourself! From carefully engineered menus to appropriate background music, restaurants have many ways to persuade diners into ordering high-profit items.”