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You can separate the ideas from the person

Tori Dunlap is not a fan of Dave Ramsey’s business practices (neither am I) but she’s able to put it aside to break down his Baby Step’s advice:

Breaking Down Dave Ramsey’s Advice [Her First 100K] – “If you grew up on a diet of Dave Ramsey or found him at the beginning of your financial journey, you’re familiar with his seven baby steps and overall beliefs about money. It’s not exactly a secret that I’m not Dave’s biggest fan, but I recognize that so many people go through his programs or come into contact with his ideology in personal finance. Here’s the thing— I don’t disagree with everything Dave has to say financially, and I won’t negate that he has helped people.”

Barista FIRE – Your Definitive Guide Towards Financial Independence [Radical FIRE] – “Barista FIRE is a term used that originated from the concept of a coffee barista, and FIRE, financial independence, and retire early. Being a barista is flexible and can be both full-time or part-time in any place on the globe.”

When Things Feel Scattered [zen habits] – “Often when our lives have a bunch of things going on at once, and multiple things to manage in each of those areas … it can feel really messy and scattered. […] There are some tactical things we can do to feel more under control … and there’s a mindset shift (or practice) we can do to get good at feeling peace in the midst of this kind of chaos.”

For something a little different, here’s something from the movies – The Texas Switch: