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You can now ask Google to take your personal data out of its search results

Years ago, I learned about all the weird websites that store publicly available information about individuals. There are dozens of them (and many owned by the same parent company).

So I spent a few days trying to scrub everything for myself just to see. It was like playing whack a mole and it was annoying.

Looks like Google now is offering a you can get your information removed in a one stop shop, which is a welcome relief:

You can now ask Google to take your personal data out of its search results [NPR] – “Google is offering a new tool to anyone who doesn’t want their phone number, email or street address and other personal information to be found online: People can ask for their contact details to be stripped from search results.”

FIRE by Trial [Physician on FIRE] – “Is FIRE right for you? How will you know? Personally, I wasn’t 100% sure that I’d be able to leave a great doctor job when I had at least a couple of good decades left in me. I opted to try it out first. Letting go of the demands of gainful employment isn’t exactly a trial by fire. It’s FIRE by trial.” I enjoyed reading POF’s FIRE evolution from theoretical spreadsheet projections to part time trials to fully retired. Not ever job has the option to go part-time like his but there are other ways to go about this, especially as more jobs are remote, so dipping your toes in the FIRE waters is a great option to learn if you’ll enjoy it.

100+ Money Memes That Will Have You Rolling in 2022 [Side Hustle Nation] – “You might think memes are a waste of time, but they’re some of the most popular content on Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. Like them or loathe them, memes are a million-dollar industry and they’re a relatively easy to have some fun, communicate your ideas, and practice your creativity.” They’re pretty good. 🙂