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You can always find a gem in great speeches

There have been a lot of famous speeches… but there have also been many great ones that don’t get the shine they deserve.

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that if you have something you love, you can share it with the world. James Clear, who I first met when he had a personal finance blog called the Passive Panda, is most well know for what he’s written about habits (Atomic Habits is a great book). We haven’t kept in touch often the last few years but the one thing that struck me about him was that he was always learning.

Today, I want to share with you something that he’s put together (and he put this together a while ago) that I’ve greatly enjoyed. He’s collected a series of speeches/talks that he thinks are great but that most people have never heard of. You will recognize many of the names and, if you’ve been a long time subscriber of Apex, you may recognize a few of these speeches, but you can find some gems in here.

Please enjoy.

Great Talks Most People Have Never Heard [James Clear] – “I’ve been slowly searching for answers to that question and the result is this list of my favorite interesting and insightful talks that are not widely known. You may see a few famous speeches on this list, but my guess is that most people are not aware of many of them—just as I wasn’t when I first started looking around.”

I was tempted to put just that one link into this post, I think it’s that you need a bit of ha-ha to start the day too:

Comedy Wildlife Photography awards 2020 finalists – in pictures [The Guardian]

See you tomorrow!