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Yes, You Can Beat the Market

Yes, You Can Beat the Market [The Best Interest] – “Clearly, it’s not true to say “you can’t beat the market.” It’s an incomplete statement. It needs more details, more backup. And it leaves people misinformed. We’re going to fix that today. Yes, you can beat the market. But you need to understand how, when, and why.” I’d also add two key ideas – not all investors are trying to beat the market in what they do. Some have different goals.

Second, some may not beat the market every year but have a few exceptional years that draw their average way way up. Think: some of the folks portrayed in the Big Short.

2021 Was One of the Best Years in the Stock Market History [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “So we just had a year in which the S&P 500 hit a new record high in nearly one-third of all trading days, losses were capped at 5% and the index was up nearly 30%. In the grand scheme of things, 2021 was in the neighborhood of the best years in U.S. stock market history, which occurred in the 1950s and 1990s, two of the greatest bull markets of all-time.”

A Simple Framework For Getting Rich [Banker on Fire] – “But if you wake up tomorrow and everyone’s net worth is suddenly $10m, your old benchmark of what constitutes “rich” will no longer apply. The same goes for other “traditional” markers of wealth. The moment everyone drives a Ferrari, owns a Birkin bag, and wears a Patek Philippe is the moment those items lose their ability to denote wealth.”

Get Out of Debt Fast Using Simple Debt Payoff Methods [Personal Finance Blogs] – “Getting out of debt is a great goal. When starting on your debt pay off journey, things can look tough. By making a debt pay off plan, and using the debt avalanche, or debt snowball, method, you can get out of debt faster and get on to living your best life.”