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What your workout says about your social class.

Another week, another batch of top money stories for you, my fellow nerds. Here are a few interesting tidbits to get your Monday started right.

The invention of money. [The New Yorker] — “The problem with many new forms of money is that people are reluctant to adopt them. Genghis Khan’s grandson didn’t have that difficulty. He took measures to insure the authenticity of his currency, and if you didn’t use it — if you wouldn’t accept it in payment, or preferred to use gold or silver or copper or iron bars or pearls or salt or coins or any of the older forms of payment prevalent in China — he would have you killed.”

Why you need to make a “when I die” file — before it’s too late. [Time] — “It may sound morbid, but creating a findable file, binder, cloud-based drive, or even shoebox where you store estate documents and meaningful personal effects will save your loved ones incalculable time, money, and suffering. Plus, there’s a lot of imagination you can bring to bear that will give your When I Die file a deeper purpose than a list of account numbers.”

What your workout says about your social class. [Pacific Standard] — “Upper middle class Americans avoid ‘excessive displays of strength’, viewing the bodybuilder look as vulgar overcompensation for wounded manhood. The so-called dominant classes…tend to express dominance through strenuous aerobic sports that display moral character, self-control, and self-development, rather than physical dominance.”

Lastly, here’s a short (six-minute) video about “the nova effect” and the tragedy of good luck. With every cloud comes a silver lining, right? But sometimes you get burned by the sun. All this is to say: Everything that happens to is both good and bad.

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