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Work will never stop.

Good morning, everybody! Here in Oregon, everything has turned lush. It’s wonderful. It felt like winter was especially interminable this year, so I’ve really been enjoying our uncharacteristic warm weather. It’s nice.

It’s also nice to bring you today’s batch of money news from around the web. Take a look.

Should you invest in cryptocurrency? [The Street] — “Once you’ve addressed the question of if you should invest in this asset class, the next question is how much? As it is considered speculative and high-risk, the traditional answer is 5% or less of your portfolio. For experienced investors with nerves of steel and lengthy time frames, larger allocations are okay.”

Efficiency is the enemy. [Farnam Street] — “If you ever find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, sinking into stasis despite wanting to change, or frustrated when you can’t respond to new opportunities, you need more slack in your life.”

Work will never stop. [Accidental Fire] — “No amount of technology is going to stop us from working hard, because no matter how good that technology is we’re going to have an innate desire to make it better. And that means getting our asses out of bed and going to work tomorrow.”

Today’s video feature is taken directly form that last piece about work. In his article, Dave linked to an episode of The 21st Century, a CBS News program from the late 1960s. In this episode, Walter Cronkite explores life at home in the year 2001.

I think all 25 minuters of this video are interesting, but (as Dave recommends) you may want to simply watch the three minutes that start here. Anyhow, it’s fun stuff. You should check it out.

And you should come back tomorrow! I’ll be here with a last batch of links to take you into the weekend. Until then, stay well…