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Work is a pie-eating contest.

Does it feel like autumn to you? It feels like autumn to me! Here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, anyhow, the seasons are changing. Nights are cool, days are warm (but not hot), and everything sort of buzzes along, you know? I love it. October is my favorite month in Oregon. Such a beautiful time and place.

Let’s see what cool stories I’ve collected for you today…

The incredible true story of renting friends in Tokyo. [Afar] — “At one point the waiter offers us drinks. Yusuke says no alcohol on duty, and I realize I’d forgotten this was duty at all. I’ve paid for every word Yusuke has uttered, but I’m also certain we’ve forged something genuine…Maybe it’s easier to believe their professed affections than I’d imagined, even as the money is right there in front of you. Maybe life is complicated. Maybe affection can be paid for and real at the same time.”

Three tiresome personal-finance debates. [Humble Dollar] — “When I worked at The Wall Street Journal, editors used to quip that, ‘There are no new stories, just new reporters.’ I don’t know whether that’s the case with politics, sports and technology articles, but it sure rings true for personal finance and investing stories…That brings me to three financial arguments that never seem to end. Others still get worked up over these debates. But I find they grow ever more tiresome.” Like Clements, I too find discussions of these three topics tiresome. And several others. The reality is that there are plenty of financial decisions without a right answer.

Work is a pie-eating contest. [Money and Meaning] — “I like pie, but not that much. A couple bites is lagom for me, thank you very much. Eating a whole slice is mostly OK, but I don’t desire another slice the next day. Or the days after and after. So when I watch hard-working person go after it, I always think: ‘Too much pie!’ and wonder what’s driving them. What’s the emotional need behind this need to work so much. Fear? Ambition? Status?” [Before reading this, I think it’s helpful to have read a previous column from Douglas: Deep satisfaction in enoughness.]

My last link today has nothing to do with personal finance, but it’s cool nonetheless. It’s a site called The Electric Typewriter. It has a single purpose: Index great articles and essays by the world’s best journalists and writers. For me, anyhow, this site is a source for months (years?) of reading. I think you’ll like it too.

Okay. I’m outta here. I’ll be back tomorrow to take you into the weekend…