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Wondering where the hell the good years went

The Other Side Of Investing [Banker on Fire] – “Stop being so damn focused on achieving early retirement. It’s okay to give yourself a bit more runway. You are MUCH better off spending 30 (or more) years doing something you enjoy than grinding through 15 unhappy years, retiring at 40 – and wondering where the hell the good years went.” This quote comes later in the post but the payoff pitch happens in the intro, which I didn’t want to spoil. You know the message already, let the introductory store cement it home.

The fundamental problem for every investment adviser [Klement on Investing] – “…I sometimes asked a room full of clients to raise their hands if they think equities are riskier than real estate. Then I asked them to raise their hands if they thought real estate or equity investments had a higher return. Apart from the real estate crash of 2007 to 2009, the majority of people said that equities were riskier than real estate, but real estate was more profitable than equities. But if you think about it, it will mean that by investing in real estate, you can systematically get higher returns for lower risk. Why bother with equities then?”

What about all the FUN debt gave you? [Budgets Are Sexy] – “This is going to sound weird or stupid, but isn’t *going into* debt so much fun???! Like, don’t we enjoy spending money on stuff we love – even if it’s only in the moment? As finance nerds we tend to focus on how terrible debt is and how much we hate it etc etc, but I think we forget just exciting it can be to buy stuff too :)” Good point!

Why So Many Children of Immigrants Rise to the Top [New York Times] – “Immigrants are good at doing something difficult: leaving behind relatives, friends and the familiarity of home in search of prosperity. The economists found that native-born Americans who do what immigrants do — move toward opportunity — have children who are just as upwardly mobile as the children of immigrants.”