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Why you don’t want nice things.

Good morning! Good morning!

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s once again time for a batch of great stories about mastering your money — and your life. Here’s what we have for you today.

The end of your investing worries. [Mindfully Investing] — “The longer you invest, the less reason you have to worry about your investments, assuming you can stay focused on your long-term results. So, I thought it might help some worried investors out there if I provided more information on how several example portfolios have performed over various timeframes.”

“We lost to lifestyle inflation. Here’s how we fought back.” [EducatorFI] — “After 15 years, we had a barely positive net worth. We’d gone from spending just over $3k a month to spending 3x that. A mountain of debt balanced out our assets – two car loans, a house that was too big, and a vacation home. We’d lost to lifestyle inflation. Badly. Here’s how we woke up and fought back. You can too.”

Why you don’t want nice things. [Financial Mechanic] — “We have to make a trade for the nicer things in life. Whether it’s white furniture, pieces of fine art, or a shiny new car, it takes more effort, time, and worry to keep things spic and span. Personally, I’d rather own things I don’t have to worry about. I would rather have peace of mind than really nice things.” And this, my friends, is why I drive a 1993 Toyota pickup. (True story: Last week in the grocery-store parking lot, a woman stopped me to explain why I needed to wash the truck. No thanks!)

Speaking of nice things, today’s bonus video is about super-expensive scissors that are handmade in Sheffield, England. Why are they so expensive? Because they’re made by master craftspeople. This video is fascinating!

That’s it for Wednesday, Apexians. See you again tomorrow.