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Why living in a big city is making you poor.

Howdy, all, and welcome to another edition of Apex Money. No fol-de-rol this morning. We’re just going to jump right into the links.

Which financial decisions merit careful attention — and which don’t. [The Finance Buff] — “Not all financial decisions require equal attention from us. Spend more energy on decisions that are one-time, all-or-nothing, and difficult to switch. Ongoing decisions don’t need to be optimized upfront. Start with something, split, experiment, and adapt as you go.” Great advice!

What to know about assisted living. [The New York Times gift article] — “While it’s easy to get wowed by fancy dining options, sparkly chandeliers and other building amenities, none of those are markers of quality care. If you’re considering multiple facilities, ask about the ratio of residents to aides — on nights and weekends as well as days — and whether there are licensed nurses in the building, and when they are there.” [Dull but important. Worth bookmarking for future reference.]

Why living in a big city is making you poor. [Darius Foroux] — “It’s time to recognize the scam that big cities represent and take control of your life. Whether you choose to move out or accept the challenges of urban living, the most important thing is to acknowledge the reality of the situation and make conscious decisions about your future.”

No end-of-post chit-chat today either haha. But come back tomorrow. I promise I’ll be a little more chatty then. 😉