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Why going to the doctor sucks.

Welcome to Friday, and welcome to the third year of Apex Money! Let’s dive right in with some of the best money stories from around the web…

The casualties of perfection. [Collaborative Fund] — “So many people strive for efficient lives, where no hour is wasted. But an overlooked skill that doesn’t get enough attention is the idea that wasting time can be a great thing.” Love this!

The magic of putting food by. [Surviving and Thriving] — “For us, gardening is a source of happiness as well as nutrition. Watching a seed the size of the period at the end of this sentence turn into a healthy head of celery is pretty magical. Freezing the chopped-up vegetable and drying the leaves is more work but it, too, is magic when you look at pantry and freezer shelves and realize, ‘I did that.'”

Why going to the doctor sucks. [Wait But Why] — “I’m not sure what exactly I think the U.S. healthcare system should look like — but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t look like this. Maybe one day the system will change, but rather than hold our breath for that, let’s talk about one aspect of the system we can do something about: going to the doctor.”

I try to be apolitical on my blogs. I know readers of every political persuasion come to me for financial advice. That said, there’s one issue I’ve taken a vocal stance on for years now: health care. The way the U.S. does health care sucks. It’s stupid. Obamacare was an effort to improve things but it really didn’t. And the core problem? For-profit health insurance. It’s stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. I’m a die-hard capitalist who believes capitalism has no place in health insurance.

Let’s close things out by going to the movies! I’m in a cinematic mood. Here’s a random YouTuber’s list of the greatest shots in film history. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with his choices, but these are nice shots — and they remind me of why I love cinema.

I think it’s time for me to go watch a beautiful movie. Blade Runner 2049, perhaps? We’ll see. And we’ll see you again on Monday, Apexian. Take care!