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Why do wealthy couples get divorced?

Welcome to Wednesday, my friends. Today at Apex, I’ve gathered articles related to conflict in relationships. Not a pleasant subject, I know, but something many folks will have to struggle with during their lifetimes.

Seven common money arguments in marriage (and how to tackle them). [Fatherly] — “Financial counsellors and therapists see a lot of the same arguments over and over again. They’re also keenly able to help couples identify the various larger issues at play and help them end the arguments once and for all. Here, then, are a few of the more common money arguments in marriage they see — and some ways to prevent them.”

Why do wealthy couples get divorced? [Millennial Revolution] — “Having seen some friends and family get divorced for reasons other than money, I’ve noticed that marital problems don’t tend to just drop on a couple by surprise and then explode their marriage like a live grenade. Instead, they pile on gradually like a gentle snowfall. And because it sneaks up on you, you don’t realize until it’s too late that you’re trapped in a blizzard, praying you won’t die a horrible frostbitten death.” (Also good from Kristy recently: How not to lose yourself in retirement.)

Where husbands hide money during divorce. [The Financial Lifeguard, via All-Star Money] — “Open communication about money is vitally important to a strong and healthy marriage. But what happens when divorce is looming and your husband is being evasive or defensive about money matters? Could he be hiding something from you?”

Lastly, here’s a nice three-minute video from Joshua Becker (from Becoming Minimalist). Here Becker argues that inheritance is more than you think — it’s not just financial.

And that’s it for Hump Day. I’ll see you again tomorrow…