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Why do so many people hate their jobs?

Welcome to Wednesday, my peoples. J.D. here with another day of interesting stories about money (and more).

Why one millennial game up on overemployment. [Business Insider] — “Balancing his work while avoiding suspicion wasn’t easy, among the reasons William ultimately decided to leave both jobs. But despite these challenges, he said his overemployment experience was well worth it for the financial benefits. It was so worth it, he said, that he’s considering a return to one of the jobs he left.”

Why do so many people hate their jobs? [The Escape Artist] — “If you are doing a job that doesn’t feed your soul, it is vital that you don’t fritter the money away on fleeting dopamine hits (see above). If you are doing a job for the money (most of us), then it’s vital that you create a surplus and put that money to work in your compounding machine. This buys you options in the future.”

Little luxuries: The affordable treats driving consumer spending. [BBC Worklife] — “This desire for these ‘affordable luxuries’ is common in difficult economic times. Some economists refer to the phenomenon as the “lipstick index”: a small economic bump led by budget-conscious consumers seeking out relatively affordable splurges, like small cosmetics and perfumes.”

And look! It’s the third day this week that I have an excellent YouTube video to share with you. As always, it’s nothing to do with money. (Well, actually it is, but not in any useful way.) It’s a 25-minute deep dive trying to discover what’s going on inside a crater in Madagascar.

Stick with it. There’s an answer to this riddle, even though it takes a while. And that answer is very much money-related.

Okay, that’s it for Wednesday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more.