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Why do people stay poor?


Here I thought my mention yesterday of the Oregon wildfires would be a “one and done” thing. After all, the winds were shifting and surely the fires would begin to fade, right? Wrong.

Now my brother’s family has been evacuated from the town where they live (population 9235)…and my family’s box factory is in the danger zone. Kim and I are still safe, but who knows what’s going to happen? Scary stuff, man.

To get my mind off of things, let’s look at some interesting stories from around the web, shall we?

The eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life. [The Guardian] — “You needn’t berate yourself for failing to do it all, since doing it all is structurally impossible. The only viable solution is to make a shift: from a life spent trying not to neglect anything, to one spent proactively and consciously choosing what to neglect, in favour of what matters most.”

“I am so over productivity porn!” [Bitches Get Riches] — “Nobody is going to punish you for failing to start a container garden during quarantine or not training to run a marathon. I fucking promise you. You know yourself better than anyone else does. Do what makes you feel healthy, happy, and secure. And ignore the goddamn productivity porn.”

Why do people stay poor? [Of Dollars and Data] — “The fact is that money begets money. In investing we all know this to be true, but these empirical studies suggest that this is also true in the labor market. Without financial resources people find it incredibly difficult to get the skills and training to get ahead. I know this all too well as a first-generation college student who was fortunate enough to have their tuition paid for by a need-based scholarship.”

Let’s end things today with a money-related music video! Here’s “Broke” by Teddy Swims. I’ve never heard of him before, and I’ve never heard the song until now. But it’s funny!

Okay, don’t mind me. I’m headed back to get updates on the wildfire situation. Last I heard, they’re actually pulling firefighters off one of wildfires. Meanwhile, the largest fire in the area is zero percent contained.