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Why coffee prices are skyrocketing.

Welcome to Tuesday, my friends. Today is a special day. Today, I’m opening comments here at Apex Money.

You see, I feel like I need to add some new sources to my news feed. I scan a couple of hundred blogs and news sites each week to find the best personal finance stories to share with you. But more and more, the blogs especially seem…well, dead. There’s just not a lot of interesting stuff to share. Boo!

So, I’m asking you to pop into the comments today in order to share one or two of your favorite sources of money news that I might be overlooking. Can you do that for me? Thanks!

Now let’s get to today’s stories…

What makes a job meaningful? [The Brookings Institution] — “Despite what most economic models predict, work is not just a source of income but also provides identity and individual self-esteem. As such, work is a pivotal part of human life.” [See also: What makes work meaningful? at IZA Institute of Labor Economics and Accepting lower salaries for meaningful work at Frontiers in Psychology]

Lying flat: Asia’s first steps toward financial independence. [Millennial Revolution] — “One of the best things about the Lay Flat movement is that it’s popular enough to worry the communist government. After all, they have experience quashing unrest and protests in the streets, but what do you do when the form of rebellion is passive resistance?”

Why coffee prices are skyrocketing. [Fast Company] — “The history of coffee has been characterized by extreme price volatility. Periods of excessive supplies have progressively driven down prices until a catastrophic event—either environmental or political—results in a correction.”

To close things out today, here’s a fun 12-minute YouTube video from Kurzgesagt that attempts to answer the question: What did dinosaurs actually look like?

True story: Our new neighborhood is populated by several gangs of wild turkeys. They’re around constantly. As a result, I get to observe them constantly. (I’m watching them out my window as I type this.) More than anything, they make me think of dinosaurs. And, in fact, that’s what I’ve begun to call them. I don’t say, “The turkeys are in the yard.” Nope. I say, “The dinosaurs are in the yard.” It’s more fun that way.

Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. See you then…

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  1. Trey

    Everything created by Ben Felix is gold, including his YouTube videos and Rational Reminder Podcast.

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