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When should you self-insure?

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to Apex Money. Once again, I’m here to share some of the best personal-finance stories from around the web. Here’s what I have for you today.

What does it mean to live a rich life? [Financially Balanced] — “As I journey toward Financial Independence I try to keep in mind just how important it is to be in the present. It’s great to plan for the future, but time is most certainly finite. It’s ultimately the time we spend and memories we make with those we love that will leave us fulfilled and make us truly rich.”

Optimization vs. optionality. [Retirement Field Guide] — “There is this pervasive idea in the financial advisor industry that everyone should be ‘optimizing’ their financial strategies. [But]…what if clients don’t want to optimize every little piece of their financial life? What if they’d value optionality more than optimization?”

When should you self-insure? [Can I Retire Yet?] — “Some people have an affinity for insurance and buy all the coverage they can get. It gives them peace of mind, at a price. Others are suspicious of insurance and loathe paying premiums for services they may never use. Count me in that latter camp.” [I too am skeptical of insurance.]

What you need to know about inflation. [The White Coat Investor] — “The rate of inflation went up this Spring and that has caused some significant fluctuations in the market as well as a lot of talk about inflation. Given the fact that inflation has been low for so long, novice and young investors may not know a lot about inflation, so today we’re going to take an in-depth look at it.” [A thorough exploration of the topic.]

True story: I’ve entered a transitional stage of life. Over the past few months, my interest in online life has been fading. Fading. Fading. (For real!) My free time has instead been spent learning about art and design. I think I may even go to art school!

Anyhow, I’m starting as a total art newbie. I don’t know anything. All the same, I’d love to learn how to draw comic strips. That’s probably why I found today’s video so much fun. It’s all about how to draw yourself as a Peanuts character with advice from actual Peanuts artists.

I followed along and here are my results.

J.D. in Peanuts style

Fun! You should try it too.

Okay, that’s it for this Thursday. I’ll be back tomorrow to see you into the weekend. TTFN!