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What’s Your “Why?”

What’s Your “Why”? (And the Point of FI) [TicTocLife] – “Have you really taken a moment to stop and think about what the wealth you’re building is for? I don’t mean basic motivation that drives just about everyone to save money. I’m not asking about obtaining the ability to pay your bills, make ends meet, or create some sort of “contented life”. Rather, I’m asking you if you have thought about the purpose behind your pursuit of something beyond the normal—financial independence.”

It’s important to ponder these things on your journey towards financial independence.

Buying Crypto Assets [AVC] – “I do not believe the web3/crypto opportunity can be captured by simply holding Bitcoin and Ethereum anymore. You must own a broader set of assets because the market is expanding beyond the OGs now and you need to be exposed to more of it.”

How My Genius Roommate Changed My Perspective [Farhad Ghayour] – This exercise inspired me to approach the world with this new-found mental tool. I thought to myself: “Identify my goal, take into account what I have, and creatively repurpose towards my goal.” I thought that I was ready. I had unlocked his way of thinking. I looked around my room and tried to find other things I could repurpose in creative ways.” The name for this is French – it’s bricolage. I love it.

This last post is very quick to read but something you might want to take some time to ponder:

This column will change your life: Helsinki Bus Station Theory [The Guardian]

Have a great weekend!