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What’s in your safe?

¡Hola, amigos! Welcome once more to Apex Money, your source for the top money stories from around the web.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m hanging out with a bunch of blogging buddies at Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada-California border. For fun, I’ve asked them to share some of their favorite recent articles with me. Everyone keeps pointing out the Tim Ferriss piece we linked to yesterday. It’s on all of our minds. But I can’t link to that twice in two days, right?

So, here’s what we have for today.

My new friend Michelle Black had several suggestions, including a piece from Brave Saver: Why should moms have to justify their choices? “I and many moms have gotten the message loud and clear,” author Elyssa writes, “that we must sacrifice and burn ourselves out to warm everyone around us.” Michelle says this article spoke to her, that she could relate to it.

Robert Farrington from The College Investor likes this recent post in the /r/fatFIRE/ subreddit: What’s in your safe? “It’s really interesting to see what people keep in their safe,” Robert says. “I don’t have one. But many people do. Some of this stuff is obvious, but some of it isn’t. I think your readers might find this useful.”

The awesome (and heavily-bearded) Nick True pointed me to this l-o-n-g PDF document — which may be slides from a presentation? — about the state of tech in 2020. I’ll be honest: While I can’t grasp the larger narrative thread here, scrolling through the slides (if they are slides) is fascinating. Some of you will find this tedious. Others will love it.

To wrap things up for the day, here’s something completely non-financial worth watching. My pal Philip Taylor turned me on to Kraig Adams, a YouTuber who creases (mostly) silent travel videos as he hikes around the world. For instance, here’s an awesome video of him hiking alone for three days in Perú.

This brings back memories of my own 2011 trek in Perú (which was not solo). One of the highlights of my life. The country is beautiful and filled with amazing people.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff for you. See you then.