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What YouTube hustle gurus are really selling you

Another era, another set of “gurus” trying to sell you the dream. 🙂

(spoiler alert: the one making money that dream are the ones selling it)

What YouTube hustle gurus are really selling you [Vox] – “YouTube and TikTok are plagued with 20-something “passive income” bros who want your attention — and your money.”

The 8 Most Eye-Opening Money Attractions in the U.S. [Wise Bread] – “Some of my most memorable vacations have centered around money — and didn’t require spending much of it at all. I had my photo taken next to a $1 million stack of bills at Binion’s on a recent trip to Las Vegas. Another memorable experience was visiting the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. to see millions of dollars of being printed on the production floor.”

This last one is an interesting story about an art class called the Locked Room.

A 1969 Experiment in a Locked Room Changed Art History—and Predicted Remote Learning [ARTnews] – “In September 1969, newly arrived first-year sculpture students at Saint Martin’s School of Art in London were handed name badges and a cube of polystyrene wrapped in brown paper, and ushered inside a bolted and padlocked room. Inside, they found their names pasted at distanced intervals on the floor, along with a list of rules. Students were told that they were not allowed to leave the room between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., except to fetch tools, and were silently supervised by at least one professor at all times.” It’s interesting that different people took away different things from the experience, which I suppose fundamental to art. Note the publishing date, May 20, 2020, as we were in the 2nd month of Covid lockdowns.

I’ll be going to a retreat next week and will not be able to send out updates. We’ll still have our Wednesday email going on, courtesy of our friends at the Plutus Foundation, but I’ll be back on Monday, March 27th!