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What would future you think?

“Many people feel disconnected from the individuals they’ll be in the future and, as a result, discount rewards that would later benefit them. But brief exposure to aged images of the self can change that behavior.” (from Harvard Business Review) – I remember reading this study but I never did anything differently, I felt like I was a decent long term planner so I didn’t need to see older me to help. 🙂

But Nikki Cox did and it’s brilliant (I’m stealing this for our kids too):

Let’s Think of Future Us [No Side Bar] – “Let’s hang up all our wet clothing so it’s dry when we want to go out and play again and not stinky and wet. Let’s put our boots away in their cubby so we know right where to find them later and we don’t get frustrated. To my complete and total surprise, the kids were like, yes. Let’s do that. That makes sense.” I can’t wait to try this.

It’s always good to get a reminder that the stock market is volatile yet resilient:

Every Single Time [Belle Curve] – “Stocks typically selloff roughly 7-10% at least once a year. A few months later, we’ve forgotten the reason for the selloff because markets recover and move on to new highs. The graph below shows the largest intra-year decline for the S&P 500 Index versus the calendar year return. In most years, stocks finish higher. Also in most years, there are decent sized selloffs.”