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What to do when your house burns down

A few years ago, we had a pipe burst in our home that resulted in water damage and a near $70,000 renovation bill. But our house was fine, we could still live in the house, and it was mostly just an inconvenient situation.

I can’t imagine dealing with a house fire.

My House Burned Down! [Life Outside The Maze] – “What do you do when your house burns down? When you have rental properties it’s never good news when you get a text message from your property manager late on a Saturday night asking you to call ASAP. My first thought when I heard the word fire was whether anyone was injured. They were not. My second thought was, what do I do when my house is now half burned and exposed in the frigid midwest winter less than a week before Christmas during a pandemic? How much pain and how much money is this going to cost me? Now looking back many months later, I can share some lessons learned.”

Fortunately no one was hurt and it was “only” a rental property, not the house he was living in… but still. Yikes.

Worry About Yourself [All Star Charts] – “Somewhere along the way I think people forgot that we’re only in the market to make money. This is a very selfish endeavor. Who cares what other people are doing with their investments? Why should it matter to me that someone else may or may not be trading recklessly in the NFT space? That’s their problem.” Good advice when you see people doing things you think are reckless or silly – just worry about yourself. 🙂

And a fun story after the fire (not FIRE, but flames fire!) one:

That Time Obama Pardoned a Guy Who Stole Charlie Sheen’s Honus Wagner Card [Sports Illustrated] – “A Coen Brothers-esque tale about knuckleheaded kitchen staffers at the All-Star Café, a Hollywood A-lister, the Mona Lisa of baseball cards and a plan that went horribly wrong.”