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What to do if you’ve lost your job.

Happy Monday, Apexians. I hope you had a good weekend. As for me, I spent much of my time working in the yard with my girlfriend. We moved into this house three years ago, and since then most of our attention has been focused on home remodeling projects. Now it’s time to tame the jungle outside our back door!

But I also found time to pull together links to some great money stories from around the web. Let’s take a look!

What to do if you’ve lost your job due to coronavirus. [Frugalwoods] — “Today’s focus is the benefits available to folks in the United States that’ve arisen in response to the coronavirus pandemic. If this doesn’t apply to you, it’s likely you know someone who would benefit from this information–please share this post with them. I’m not re-inventing the wheel today; rather, my goal is to provide you with all of this information in one place.”

How to care for home appliances and systems on a budget. [Yes, I Am Cheap] — “Imagine you’ve saved up and are now a proud owner of some high-quality home appliances. That’s great news, but you also need to remember that your expenses aren’t over. Those devices will need maintenance and they might break down no matter how well you take care of them. The same goes for any home system, like plumbing or electrical.”

Extreme frugality: Gardening edition. [Surviving and Thriving] — “Getting free seeds is only one way that we practice extreme frugality in the garden, though. A reader named Laure asked for an article about low-cost gardening. This one’s for you, ma’am.”

What to do when your options shrink. [CityFrugal] — “Our range of possibilities has narrowed, for at least the next few months. Good. Hard times aren’t for lamenting the options you’ve lost but rather to embrace the opportunities you still have. It’s time to get creative.”

To wrap things up for today, here’s a video I really enjoyed. It’s twelve minutes of villagers from rural Pakistan trying coffee drinks for the very first time. So real! So fun!

Okay, that’s it for today. I gotta go have my second cup of coffee. I’ll see you again tomorrow. Until then, take care.