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What the rich want

Happy Monday!

The Man Who Knows What the World’s Richest People Want (and How To Get It) [Vice] – “Rey Flemings has become one of the premiere fixers for the global elite. More than that, though, he gives the rich a place to admit what they can’t say publicly: that they need help finding happiness.”

Why You Believe The Things You Do [Collab Fund by Morgan Housel] – “When you have no money, and your son is sick, you’ll believe anything. That is such a powerful statement, and some version of it applies to everyone. Here’s a universal reality: What you believe to be true is influenced by how much you want it to be true. The more something helps you deal with uncertainty, the lower the bar is for you to believe it’s true.” A sad reality but it’s an important idea to remember, especially when times are tough.

The case of the Lego Bandit [Business Insider] – “On October 4, 2018, a young Frenchman named Louis came home from work to find the window in his front door smashed. A practical-minded 20-year-old with short dark hair, he figured it was just another petty crime in the rural outskirts of Paris, where he lived with his parents. But when he saw the familiar gleam of a tiny red plastic brick on the driveway, his stomach plunged. It was his Lego.” Yes, Legos. And yes, this story is wild.