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“What I learned when I stopped chasing my dream job.”

Good morning, Apexians, and welcome to another Monday. As has been true for the past month, I’m splitting my time between my home and caring for my sick cousin. I spend three nights with him, then surrender duties to his brother. I drive home and spend a couple of says catching up on sleep before heading north to do it all again.

Translation: I’ll do my best to have Apex installments for you all week, but there may be some blank spots. Let’s dive in!

“What I learned when I stopped chasing my dream job.” [Vice] — “But my upbringing isn’t all to blame for my internal conflict. Our concept of work has been shaped by our collective experience as a generation. While boomers view work as utilitarian, seeking job security, millennials seem to view work as a form of liberation from our parents’ expectations (while backed by their promise that we can achieve anything we set our minds to).”

Retirement the Margaritaville way. [The New Yorker] — “The citizens of Latitude Margaritaville testify so consistently to a life of gratification that one suspects, but finds no evidence for, a regimen of happy pills or talking points. Disgruntlement and curmudgeonliness must exist, but not in view of a visitor susceptible to such traits.”

“My own phone number is now spam-texting me.” [The Verge] — “This is all spoofing and technological impersonation. It’s trivially easy for spammers to camouflage as any number they choose. My Verizon account is secure, and my number hasn’t been hijacked. If you’ve gotten the same message, there’s no cause for panic.”

To wrap things up today, here’s a short (two-minute) video that explains how to cut onions like they do in Michelin-star restaurants.

That’s probably unexciting for some of you, but I’m always trying to level-up my kitchen game, and I’m eager to try this technique. The only problem? While I usually cook a couple of times per week, I haven’t had time to do so for the past month…and I’m still in the thick of caring for my cousin. Ah well. Someday, I’ll get to practice this skill.

Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. See you then!