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What happens when rich people marry poor people?

Today is Thursday, money nerds, and this is Apex Money. As always, Jim and I are here to share some of the top money stories from around the web. Ready? Let’s dive right in.

First up, our good pal Melanie Lockert has launched a new endeavor! Melanie is all about the intersection of money and mental health, so it should be no surprise to hear that she’s started a new podcast on the subject: The Mental Health and Wealth Show. Melanie’s one of my favorite colleagues (and friends). And as a life-long depressive, this podcast is perfect for me.

Now, let’s move on to the articles!

Dealing with financial incompatibility in relationships. [Gen Y Planning] — “It’s possible to get along really well with someone even though the way you handle money is totally different. Many times, couples can come up with a system that honors their personal styles. Other times, your differences are an indication of red flags you shouldn’t ignore. Here are my tips for couples who are navigating this common issue.”

Why frugality, minimalism, and environmentalism work so well together. [Frugalwoods] — “The mindset centers on arriving at a place of enough. Of recognizing and internalizing that we have enough food, clothing, couches, cars. Of being content with what we own and not in a constant mode of greed and grasping…There will always be bigger, newer, and nicer. The question is how we manage our expectations around bigger, newer, and nicer things.”

What happens when rich people marry poor people? [Yahoo! Health] — “In her book The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages, released earlier this month by Oxford University Press, [Jessi] Streib drew on extensive interviews with 42 married heterosexual couples, 32 of whom were born into different social classes, to learn more about how class mores affect marriages — and vice versa. [We] recently spoke to her about her research.” [See also: What happened when I unwittingly married into money.]

Dying malls seek second life as entertainment destinations. [Curbed] — “Faced with the challenges of drawing crowds and ringing up sales, malls across the country aren’t just adding new experiences as an added attraction, they’re giving over large swaths of space to entertainment companies and expecting them to become the main draws…Meant to be a recreation of Main Street, malls are quickly becoming, in part, theater districts for entertainment.”

To close things out today, I have not one but two delightful pieces of catness for you.

First, here’s the latest from Cat and Girl. For those unfamiliar, Cat and Girl is delightful absurdist web comic from Dorothy Gambrell. It’s been around since 1999, which is nearly as long as I’ve been blogging.

Anyhow, the most recent Cat and Girl mocks the mad rush to monetize everything. I thought it was funny. Perhaps you will too.

Cat and Girl

But wait! That’s not all! As promised, here’s a second silly cat-related tidbit. It’s a short video of a cat. Sitting in a child seat. Watching Tom and Jerry. It’s perfect.

Well, that’s all for today, money nerds. I’ll be back tomorrow to see you into the weekend.