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What does your dream cost?

It’s yet another freaky Friday, friends! But before you head off to enjoy your weekends, I’ve gathered a few final stories about money (and more) to share with you…

What does your dream cost? [Bitches Get Riches] — “The road to the things you want most may be unfairly long and winding. But that is all the more reason to drive it in daylight, with GPS. Today, I’m going to walk you through some strategies to price out the kind of ambitious, lifelong dreams that feel so hard to quantify. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to do the same with your own bucket list!”

How to create your own personal financial calendar. [Less Debt, More Wine] — “A Financial Calendar can help you start working towards getting a month ahead on your finances when you’re struggling in the vicious paycheck to paycheck cycle. A Financial Calendar has every single bill due date throughout the entire year. Not just monthly bills, but also quarterly, semi-annual, and annual bills. Every. Single. Bill. Due. Date.”

The shady business of selling futures. [Wired] — “Selling futures is a business that feeds off uncertainty — and uncertainty is its true product…That’s why it’s important for everyone to be aware when the future is being used as snake oil to persuade us of the inevitability of what is really just another marketing plan. Asking who will benefit from a particular future vision is a good start; so is following the money.”

Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen. [The Guardian] — “We are not now facing simply a normal anxiety about attention, of the kind every generation goes through as it ages. We are living in a serious attention crisis – one with huge implications for how we live.” I feel like this is an important subject. My friends and I talk about it often in casual conversation. We know that our attention spans have collapsed. We just don’t know how to fix them.

There are two “year end” videos that I await eagerly every year. The first (and best) is David Ehrlich’s “best films” countdown, which is always so so amazing. (But which doesn’t get released until late January.) The second is D.J. Earworm’s United States of Pop, a mash-up of some of the year’s most popular songs.

Well, here’s the United States of Pop 2021

Great stuff, as always.

And that’s it for this week. Jim will be back on Monday with more of the best of personal finance. Join him!