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What choice do you have?

Today is Thursday, money monkeys, and this is Apex Money. Let’s look at the stories we’ve gathered for you today.

Going sessile. [Ribbonfarm] — “One of the biggest changes in my personality with middle age is that I no longer really enjoy travel beyond local weekend getaways. Almost no destination has a pain/novelty ratio that makes it worth it. On the one hand, I’ve traveled enough that few places hold the promise of real novelty and stimulation. On the other hand, even though travel has gotten way more convenient overall…my tolerance for discomfort has plummeted.” Hahahahaha. I hate to admit, but I can sort of relate.

What choice do you have? [Money with Katie] — “I sometimes find myself wanting to scream into the void: ‘More, more, more to what end?’ The logic feels circuitous; it must get bigger so people can get richer and buy more stuff, which is important because that makes it bigger, which makes people richer, so they can buy more stuff. The U.S. economy feels stuck in the same doom loop that many US households are stuck in: a chronic case of losing the plot.”

What’s really happening to grocery prices right now. [Vox] — “For the past few years, several food and grocery retailers have embraced higher prices even at the expense of falling sales numbers. But the rush to signal that they’re now lowering prices may be a sign that the balance is tipping as companies chase higher sales over higher prices.”

Here’s a three-minute video that’s jam-packed with info that can help you so that you don’t get screwed buying a used car.

And that’s all for today. See you all tomorrow!