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What can we do post-vaccine

Short answer? Probably what we’re doing now, just with lowered risk.

Long answer? It’s complicated but this is a good breakdown.

What You Can Do Post-Vaccine, and When [The Upshot at The New York Times] – “When people are fully vaccinated (a week or two after the second dose), but most others aren’t yet, their lives probably shouldn’t change very much, experts say. It will most likely be safer for them to do things like visit the grocery store or the post office. People who work in places that leave them highly exposed will significantly decrease their risk — which is why frontline workers are among the first to be eligible for the vaccine. But vaccinated people should still wear masks and avoid large groups and indoor gatherings when possible.”

Why I Joined, Then Left, The FIRE Movement [The Financial Diet] – “If you’ve read anything about the FIRE movement, you’ve probably seen that it’s a pretty committed group of people, many of whom believe that early retirement is possible for everyone and the answer to just about everything, and if you don’t agree then you’re just being a “complainypants” — an actual term used by some people in the FIRE community to describe anyone who doubts that FIRE is possible for them. I’ll admit, I used to think those things, too. But over the past eight years, I’ve found myself more and more uncomfortable with the ideology behind FIRE.”

Top 10 Ways to Lower Your Taxes [Physician on FIRE] – A good list of ways you can lower your taxes. A lot of them are your typical ideas (max out tax-deferred retirement contributions) but there are a few new ones in here you may have missed (opportunity zone investments).

The Essex Boys: How Nine Traders Hit a Gusher With Negative Oil [Bloomberg Businessweek] – “Among the many previously unthinkable moments of 2020, one of the strangest occurred on April 20, when the price of crude oil fell below zero. West Texas Intermediate futures, the most popular instrument used to trade the commodity, had started the day at $18 a barrel. That was already low, but prices kept tumbling until, at 2:08 p.m. New York time, they went negative. […] U.S. authorities and investigators from Nymex trawled through trading data for insights into who exactly was driving the action on April 20. According to people familiar with their thinking, they were shocked to discover that the firm that appeared to have had the biggest impact on prices that afternoon wasn’t a Wall Street bank or a big oil company, but a tiny outfit called Vega Capital London Ltd. A group of nine independent traders affiliated with Vega and operating out of their homes in Essex, the county just northeast of London, had made $660 million among them in just a few hours.”


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