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Unraveling the supply chain.

Are you ready for a second consecutive day of long, interesting articles? I hadn’t intended to dive deep two days in a row. In fact, I’d already created today’s edition of Apex Money, but yesterday I read two fascinating articles related to the current supply chain issues in the U.S.

Because these pieces are timely and very much money-related, I’ve decided to run them today instead. And the regular links (and cat video) I had scheduled for today? Well, we’ll do those on Thursday instead.

I hope you find these articles as informative as I did…

I’m a twenty-year truck driver. Let me tell you why America’s shipping crisis isn’t going to end. [Ryan Johnson on Medium] — “I’m a Class A truck driver with experience in nearly every aspect of freight. My experience in the trucking industry of 20 years tells me that nothing is going to change in the shipping industry…My prediction is that nothing is going to change and the shipping crisis is only going to get worse. Nobody in the supply chain wants to pay to solve the problem. They literally just won’t pay to solve the problem.”

An unexpected victory: Container stacking at the port of Long Beach. [Don’t Worry about the Vase] — “A bureaucrat insisting that stacked containers are an eyesore, causing freight to pile up because trucks are stuck sitting on empty containers, thus causing a cascading failure that destroys supply lines and brings down the economy. That certainly sounds like something that was in an early draft of Atlas Shrugged but got crossed out as too preposterous for anyone to take seriously.”

Hey, how about we close things today with something light? After two days of long, deep articles, here’s a short video that has nothing to do with money. It’s a recipe my brother posted on Facebook yesterday that I’m eager to prep: carrots with chives from Jacques Pépin.

Doesn’t that look delicious?

Okay. That’s it for Tuesday. I’ll see you Apexians tomorrow. Sound good?