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Two years of Apex Money!

Good morning, Apexians, and happy second anniversary. Two years ago today, Jim and I started this site on a whim. We wanted to share some of our favorite money stories from around the web, from major news sites and from tiny blogs, from household names and from folks you’ve never heard of. We’re glad you’re here for the ride.

Let’s take a look at the money stories we’ve collected for you today.

How my father lost his life savings by making one fatal investment mistake. [Mouthy Money] — “Eventually he had to confess to my stepmother that he had lost most of their life savings. This inevitably caused a rift between them and had further ramifications that continued for the rest of their lives. This entire incident was, of course, deeply traumatic for the whole family.”

How to build financial flexibility into your life. [Wallet Hacks] — “The idea I take from FIRE is that by saving aggressively and investing prudently, you give yourself options. You can retire early but you aren’t required to retire early. You can switch jobs to something more fulfilling. You can take time off and create your own sabbatical. If you’re financially independent, you control your time. It’s all about financial flexibility. And there are a lot of different ways you can build financial flexibility into your life.”

Unicorns and Keynsian economics. [Happily Disengaged] — “Personally, I’ve struggled with spending, even on cheap trivial items, because I’m trying to save as much as I can. It can feel as though I’m hurting my future self when I spend. But if I can think of spending as a source of good that we can share with others, it makes it a lot easier.”

Lastly, here’s a recent video that I loved. I’m not sure why other than it’s a young family bonding together through communication. The father is deaf, so the parents are raising their young daughter with both English and American Sign Language.

I’ve always wanted to learn ASL but have never made the time. Someday. Someday.

Tomorrow I’ll be back, my friends, with one last day of links for the week. See you then.