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Streaming TV is about to get very expensive.

Good morning, money nerds. I hope you’re all having a terrific Tuesday. Here are the top money articles we have for you today.

“How I developed an unhealthy relationship with money.” [The Passive-Aggressive Investor] — “I think many people believe that they could never be frugal. They think it is a personality trait—something built into one’s biology. However, it is something that we can all learn as a mindset. For me, learning that financial independence is possible and planning for it is what helped me change my consumption behaviors.”

How recommendation sites have risen to prominence. [The Ringer] — “Inspired by the rigorous testing of Consumer Reports and infused with the conversational tone of the internet, destinations like Wirecutter, The Strategist, and Reviewed have come to define a new era of editorial-minded shopping companions…Recommendation sites are there to calm [consumers], guide them, and link them to an answer.

Streaming TV is about to get very expensive. Here’s why. [The Guardian] — “The whole point of Netflix was that it was a relatively affordable bucket that contained an awful lot of television. That’s why people liked it. That’s why so many people subscribed and continue to subscribe…That will be a memory soon.”

Related viewing: Media companies are turning streaming back into cable (and it sucks!).

Note, however, that they can only turn streaming back into cable if we let them. If we don’t pay for their services, they won’t succeed. (I know, I know: I’m living in a fantasy world. People will pay.)

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