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Treat life like a video game

Jim here again! It probably comes as little shock to you that I’m a fan of video games. I’m a child of the 80s and had a Nintendo but never any of the other systems until I got to college, when I could buy my own Playstation.

I love the idea that you should treat life like a video game in that you should think about how you “level up” different aspects of your life.

Wealth Is a Strong Predictor of Whether an Individual Pursues a Creative Profession [Smithsonian Magazine] – “Those from households with an annual income of $1 million are 10 times more likely to become artists than those from families with a $100,000 income” This probably comes as no shock to anyone reading it!

Last one for today is a bit more tactical – comes from Jonathan at My Money Blog and how state (and local) income taxes impact your decision of Treasury Bond or CD:

Treasury Bond vs. Bank CD Rates: Adjusting For State and Local Income Taxes [My Money Blog] – “An important consideration is that Treasury bonds are exempt from state and local taxes. This can make the Treasury bond significantly more attractive to some folks, even if the initial rate is the same. This assumes you are investing in a taxable account (not tax-sheltered). US Savings bonds are also exempt from state and local taxes.”

See you tomorrow!