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Time is precious

Time is such a precious commodity. We don’t know how much time we have on this Earth but we do know it’s not unlimited.

And we fill it with activities of varying “value.” Sometimes we spend it doing the things we love with the people we love and time seems to stand still. Other times, we spend it doing the things we must so that we can pay for the things we love … and time seems to stand still, but for other reasons. 🙂

Experts estimated that, as a species, we have about a billion and a half heartbeats during our lives:

Size Matters: The Hidden Mathematics of Life [NPR] – “Though big and little creatures look very different, below the surface there is a surprising unity. Biologists have compared the heartbeats of mammals and discovered that on average (this won’t apply to any individual, just to groups) elephants and shrews and most of the critters in between have a limit of about a billion and a half heartbeats in a lifetime and then they die.” (emphasis mine)

Despite its title, this next post isn’t so much about wealth as it is about time management:

True Wealth is “never feeling rushed” [Rad Reads] – “If time is the currency of achievement, why are some able to cash in their allocation for more chips than others? And in a world of rapid fire Slack messages, daily episodes of The Daily and Zoom calls up the wazoo – who on earth has the right to not feel rushed?”

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative [Get Rich Slowly] – “When Kim and I go to bed each night, we spend time casually browsing Reddit on our iPads. It’s fun. Mostly. […] But here’s the thing. After browsing Reddit for thirty minutes or an hour, I’m left feeling unsatisfied. In fact, I’m often in a bad mood. After browsing Reddit, I have a negative attitude. My view of the world has deteriorated. Why? Because for all the fun and interesting things on Reddit, it’s also filled with a bunch of crap.”

Finally, here’s a post that will take you 21 minutes and suck you into the world of Masterclass:

How to Learn Everything: The MasterClass Diaries [Longreads] – “One day, when MasterClass sends its millionth paid ad into my Facebook feed, I decide this is the answer to the Walter Mitty lurking inside me. MasterClass seems to offer everything: from writing seminars with over a dozen famous authors to celebrity-driven inspiration to take my hobbies further. Clearly, all I was missing were the right teachers, filmed professionally and beamed into my living room. I may not become a surgeon or a pilot, but what if the renaissance woman I’d hoped to be is just a $200 subscription away?”

What will you cut or add to your day today?