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Have you been binging Tiger King? Did you finish it already?

Want more? Read this!

The Strange and Dangerous World of America’s Big Cat People [Long Reads] – “A headline-grabbing murder-for-hire plot helped expose the dark side of exotic animal ownership in the U.S. Is there now enough momentum to reform the industry?”

I love hustlers. I don’t mean scammers or cheats, I mean true grinders.

So when I heard about Cameo, I thought it was brilliant. For every super-famous actor that headlines a movie, there are hundreds (or thousands) of grinders trying to find roles and earn a living doing what they love. And some of those grinders are willing to record short messages for a few bucks and I think that’s awesome.

How Cameo Turned D-List Celebs Into a Monetization Machine [Marker] – “Inside the surreal and lucrative two-sided marketplace of mediocre famous people.”

I’ve been blogging for 15+ years and people have always asked me whether I’d write a book. I know a lot of published authors and several have had New York Times Bestsellers and so I know the book business relatively well. Well enough to know it’s not financially lucrative directly. By that I mean authors don’t make a lot of money off their books. That’s not to say it’s not a good thing, but it’s not a directly financially good thing. 🙂

If you want a quick primer, this is a good one:

The Print Book Trade, and Money [Michael Warren Lucas] – Ever wonder how the book business works courtesy of an author and retailer? It’s neat, tidy, and seems obvious after you read it.

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