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The thought is always parent to the deed

The first article today offers a big promise but highlights a quote I’ve loved for years:

To Live Remarkably, Repeat This 1 Affirmation Every Single Day for the Rest of Your Life [INC] – “Every accomplishment is based on action, not on thought… yet the thought is always father to the deed. Achievement starts with an idea, a perspective, a point of view, and an attitude: the attitude that no matter what, you will do what it takes to reach your goals — and live the life you want to live.”

This next one is tough to read but powerful:

The game of life: Maria Konnikova on what she’s learned from poker [The Guardian] – “Down on her luck and fearful for the future, the writer decided to chance her arm. She soon found it was the perfect gameplan.”

The Secrets of Real-life Wedding Crashers [MEL Magazine] – “When 36-year-old writer Orly Minazad told her white American friend that she and her fiancé crashed at least 10 weddings in one summer to gather intel and inspiration for their upcoming nuptials, it took a good minute or two to peel her friend’s jaw off the floor. “She couldn’t believe that I’d gone to all these people’s weddings uninvited,” she says. “And I couldn’t believe she hadn’t!””

Candy Land Was Invented for Polio Wards [The Atlantic] – “If you were a child at some point in the past 70 years, odds are you played the board game Candy Land. According to the toy historian Tim Walsh, a staggering 94 percent of mothers are aware of Candy Land, and more than 60 percent of households with a 5-year-old child own a set. The game continues to sell about 1 million copies every year.”

See you tomorrow!