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There’s no speed limit

Free will is a funny thing.

We all think we have free will. That our choices are our own and we have the option to do anything we want.

In reality, there are constraints. There are legal and social constraints on what you can and cannot do. What you should and should not do.

And then there are the invisible constraints that shape your decisions without you even being aware of it.

Those are the most pernicious constraints because they affect your free will in profound ways.

Today’s headline article challenges one of those invisible constraints:

There’s no speed limit [Derek Sivers] — “Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a parent, I think you’ll appreciate this story of how one teacher can completely and permanently change someone’s life in only a few lessons.” If you were to ask me to list the blog posts that have had the biggest impact on my life, two of the top five can be found on Derek Sivers’ blog. (I’ll share the other one with you another day) This story takes just two minutes to read and I want you to email me after you read it to tell me what you think.

You’re thinking about “financial security” the wrong way [RadReads] — “Having spent 15 years on Wall Street, I’ve grown accustomed to these successful folks who are “bracing” for their worlds to come crashing down. They’re smart, humble, and often from modest roots. They believe in “The Number,” a mythical amount in their bank account where they can stop worrying. But The Number never arrives.” As someone who grew up financially secure but by no means “rich,” this one hit home.

Smashing 6 Figures of Debt & Learning From What Doesn’t Apply to Me [She Picks Up Pennies] — “Our mortgage finally dipped below six figures. Specifically, we now owe $99,884. And I can’t stop smiling. Mathematically, very little has changed. Technologically, it was just a few clicks and a single payment. Mentally? Psychologically? Emotionally? That is another story, friends. We all know that money is never just about math. And I’ve been living and breathing that truth all weekend.” Personal finance is more personal than finance.

How the *$#! do you pick wine? (with Dave Falchek) [Stacking Benjamins Podcast] — “Ever walk into a wine store and wonder what all the labels mean? Today, wine expert Dave Falchek from the American Wine Society joins us to talk all things vino. How do you pick a wine? What are some clues that a wine is good for your party? What do those ratings mean in a wine shop? What wines go best with burgers and dogs?” Both J.D. and I happened to take summer vacations that spent some time in Italy (they didn’t overlap though) and Italy has some amazing food and wine. Mmmm… wine.

And to round it all out, some fun. This video is one of my favorites… it’s about how so many pop songs use the same four chords.

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