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The woman who lives 200,000 years in the past.

It’s Hump Day, money nerds. But does that even matter anymore? Haven’t we all sort of lost track of what the day is? WI know we have in our house! A couple of times each week, we have to pause to think things through. And as for the actual date? Hahahahahaha. With no appointments and plans, the date no longer matters.

But you know what does matter? Smart personal finance. Smart personal finance never goes out of style. To that end, here are a few great money stories you might enjoy.

Coronavirus reminds us what functioning communities look like. [Quartz] — “Somewhere between work, kids, house, family, and friends, the idea of caring for those who lived in close proximity and yet were largely strangers to us became an abstract notion, a virtuous and distant hope but not a pressing priority. Coronavirus changed all that.”

How to design an anti-fragile career. [RadReads] — “In nearly every conversation, some recurring themes have emerged…[People are] optimistic. Not blind optimism that ‘everything will be ok’ – because there’s too much uncertainty to know that with 100% confidence. But a pragmatic and humble confidence thar results in the belief of their own resilience.”

The financial implications of owning a cat. [ESI Money] — “The best way I can describe Zeus is a dog in a cat’s body. He is friendly, loving, sweet, and so very cute. Since we knew he was awesome, it eliminated the possibility that if we got a cat we’d end up with a dud. I saw my chance to have one last, amazing cat in my lifetime.”

The woman who lives 200,000 years in the past. [Outside magazine] — “Lynx (who doesn’t share her legal name) is not your typical back-to-the-lander. The lithe, blonde former teen punk, who grew up in the ‘concrete and dismal gray’ environs of London, has become an unlikely torchbearer of humanity’s wild heritage. Her overarching aim is not to simply survive out here in nature but ‘to live as wild people lived’ and to show others how to do so as well.”

Last of all, here’s a fun video. It’s a Buddhist monk rocking out to Queen. I love it!

Well, I do not love the vertical video. Vertical video is such a curse but I’m afraid there’s no stopping it now. Too many people just don’t care. 🙁

Okay, enough of me complaining. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great money stories from around the web.