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The True meaning of financial freedom

I love a good pun and our first one is an interview with a friend of mine, Nick True.

I’ve known Nick for a few years and can attest to how genuine and kind he is. The interview talks a lot about his experiences building a blog and podcast but the part that stands out is the “why?” behind it. It’s a good look at what underpins a lot of why folks choose to pursue financial independence.

The True meaning of financial freedom [ConvertKit Blog] – “It’s not just about the budgeting. For Nick True, sharing his lifelong passion of finances is about helping people win the game of life.”

Always great to see folks like that enjoy success – check out their blog Mapped Out Money!

Being Triggered By A Mess [Natalie Bacon Podcast] – “What are your thoughts when your home is messy? What do you interpret a mess to mean? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are greeted with a mess, and you might feel the need to “fix” it. But it might surprise you to know that it isn’t the mess that is causing you to feel the way you are and have the reaction you have; it’s your thoughts about the mess.” So true.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need (As A Fire Seeker)? [Eat Sleep Breathe FI] – “Before you can work on the numbers, you first need to think about the type of lifestyle your beneficiaries will have after you’re gone. Getting clear on this will make the rest of the life insurance planning process that much easier.”