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The Top Idea in Your Mind

You made it to Friday!

A few quickies today for you that aren’t meant to teach as much as they are meant to make you think a little bit as we go into the weekend. I hope it ignites a few brain cells and helps create some insight. 🙂

The Top Idea in Your Mind [Paul Graham] – “I realized recently that what one thinks about in the shower in the morning is more important than I’d thought. I knew it was a good time to have ideas. Now I’d go further: now I’d say it’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.”

Thinking in Bets: How to Make Decisions Like a Poker Player [Frontera] – “Thinking in bets is a decision-making framework developed by former professional poker player Annie Duke. In this article, you’ll find two real-life examples of how people —mistakenly— evaluate decisions based on their outcomes. Then, you’ll see why it’s wrong and how to take luck into consideration by thinking like a poker player.” Make positive expected value decisions and you will win… over the long run. 🙂

Guy Fieri, Elder Statesman of Flavortown [New York Times] – “Guy Fieri looks as if he has prepared his whole life to be a middle-aged rock star. He has grays in the famous goatee now, a faint tan line beneath his chain necklace and a pair of hulking middle-finger rings that do not slow his incorrigible fist-bumping. He talks about the higher purpose of his “namaste” tattoo, and feigns outrage when no one recognizes his Dean Martin references. He revels, still, in conspicuous consumption, double-fisting naan and tandoori chicken during a recent television shoot here at a strip-mall Indian restaurant tucked between a nail salon and a wax center.” Might be behind a paywall for you but this article was fun to read – I only ever caught a few minutes of Diners, Drivethrus, and Dives but I love the career he’s made for himself.

J.D. is back next week! Have a great weekend!