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The three phases of making a major life change.

Welcome to Wednesday and welcome to Apex Money. Today, I’ve rounded up for interesting articles about personal finance. Enjoy!

It’s okay to outgrow the life you thought you wanted. [Rainesford Stauffer] — “Often, there’s a desire to cling onto how we thought life should go, sometimes until it outweighs the reality of how it is going — what makes us happy, versus what we feel should; what is truly stimulating or fulfilling, versus what we’ve been told should be chased and sacrificed for. A question I ponder is: How do we untether ourselves from the people we imagined we’d become?” This piece really hit home for me personally.

The three phases of making a major life change. [Harvard Business Review] — “Research on the transformative potential of a catalyzing event like the coronavirus pandemic suggests that we are more likely to make lasting change when we actively engage in a three-part cycle of transition — one that gets us to focus on separation, liminality, and reintegration. Let’s consider each of those parts of the cycle in detail.”

Young people don’t know what it’s like to be old. [Slightly Early Retirement] — “Most of the people who show the most ignorance about aging are in their forties or younger. This is reasonable because someone like me, in my sixties, fully understands what it is like to be 24, because I’ve been there. But a 24 year old is abysmally ignorant of life at 65 because they have zero first hand experience of what 65 feels like.”

PrepperFI: Achieving financial independence while preparing for the worst. [Tread Lightly, Retire Early] — “I’m hoping that our individual life choices will insulate us from some of the potential ill effects humans and the future could bring. Hopefully we’d be better equipped to suffer the mental strain that could come with wide reaching global environmental austerity measures.”

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. Y’all come back, you hear?