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The third time’s the charm.

When I first visited Austin, Texas in 2015, I thought the town was okay if somewhat unremarkable. I enjoyed eating and drinking my way down Rainey Street, but that’s all I remember about it.

When I visited Austin, Texas a second time in 2021, I thought it was a shit-hole. The place was dirty, crowded with homeless and hooligans, and all-around unpleasant. I was glad to get out of there.

Last weekend, I visited Austin, Texas for a third time. I thought it was awesome. What a great town! My friends and I walked (and scootered) across town, enjoying the parks and the bars and the fun, quirky vibe. The new public library is gorgeous. The bats are fun. The place feels vibrant and alive.

All this is to say: I’ve long ago learned that it’s a mistake to judge anything by my first (or even second) impression. It’s fine to say “I didn’t like this”, but always be open to changing your mind.

Spend it all every time. [Austin Kleon] — This item is a sort of a cheat. I subscribe to Austin Kleon’s newsletter because it’s filled with thought-provoking stories that I like, and I frequently “harvest” the best items to share here at Apex Money. Well, this week’s installment is excellent all the way ’round, so I’m just linking the entire thing here. It’s like you get ten extra interesting things to read today! (P.S. I too recently subscribed to The Idler. It’s a great magazine!)

How to grow your salary. [Bitches Get Riches] — “Negotiating is a learned skill. It’s difficult to practice and easy to mess up. I’ve learned some tricks over the years…The best general advice I can give is that this process is like poker. Even if it feels like the hiring manager can see your cards, they can’t. They can only see what you show them. Now is your time to quiet your inner imposter and focus on winning the game. You can go back to being a hot mess once it’s done.”

The golden age of gadget catalogs. [Cable Sasser] — “It’s a fact. These catalogs deserve to live forever. I understand that I might be one of eight people on this planet who care. But they represent a lost art, with emphasis on the art. And that’s why I’ve scanned every catalog I have.” I love this. These catalogs are like a time machine for me. My father used to get these (and others like them). They were the source of my childhood dreams.

Let’s close today with a silly little video that my friends and I made the theme of our trip to Austin last week: “Taste the Biscuit”.

“You got that special sauce to spur my curiosity!” So goofy and dumb. But fun to make your theme song for three days of goofing off…

That’s it for now, folks. See you again tomorrow.