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The skills you should know before moving out on your own

All things considered, I felt relatively well prepared when I started working at my first job. The big thing I lacked was the confidence that I could figure out anything I didn’t already know.

As you get older, that’s really what life is all about. How good are you at “figuring things out” before the inability to “figure it out” ends up hurting you. 🙂

This Vox article gives you a good start on a few skill areas that you should hone in:

The skills you should know before moving out on your own [Vox] – “Bellaire realized many young people were similarly ill-equipped to deal with the realities of adulthood. According to a 2021 survey of recent US college grads, 81 percent wished they were taught more life skills before they graduated. After years of following a syllabus, there are few instructions for how to get your act together outside the confines of a classroom or your parents’ home, she thought. In 2021, Bellaire launched Realworld, an app designed to answer those same adulting questions for its user base of over 100,000.”

Suckers List: How Allstate’s Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders [The Markup, with Consumer Reports] – “When The Markup and Consumer Reports conducted a statistical analysis of the Maryland documents, we found that, despite the purported complexity of Allstate’s price-adjustment algorithm, it was actually simple: It resulted in a suckers list of Maryland customers who were big spenders and would squeeze more money out of them than others.” ORLY?

A short, sweet, but powerful message from Seth Godin:

“I’m not that smart” [Seth’s Blog] – “The number of tasks in our culture that require someone who was born with off-the-charts talent is small indeed.”